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How it Works
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How it Works

About Gymtixx

On you can purchase vouchers for fitness and wellness services such as gyms passes, gym memberships, personal trainer sessions or yoga and Pilates classes. Search around your home, work or travel post codes for work out options that you'd love to try. Book them with our secure payment system. Our partners will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.

What is a voucher?

Our vouchers are sent to you by email, which you can then print and take to the gym or trainer where you redeem the voucher. The voucher includes the value of voucher, a unique and secure code, some details about the offer, and some instructions to you and the staff.

How to redeem

The voucher will be sent to you by email, and you will see it on our website right after you have completed the payment process. All you need to do is to print the voucher and bring it along when you want to redeem it.

The voucher can only be redeemed at the place that is stated on the voucher, and only until (and including) the expiry date printed on the voucher.

Refunds? No problem!

If you purchase a voucher and later think you will not use it, please contact us within 7 days from the purchase of the voucher on, and we will refund the voucher without any questions asked. Obviously, we will not refund vouchers that have been redeemed in the meantime. Please also have a look at our Terms & Conditions.